Stop Worrying About Win32/Zum!Trojan! Semalt Unveils An Anti-Virus Guide

Win32/Zum!Trojan, as the name suggests, is a Trojan malware that makes secret intrusions in Windows PCs. You won't be aware of it until it starts the malevolent activity. Firstly, it disables the antivirus to prevent detection. Then it embeds itself in the registry where it keeps on changing its location to confuse users. Worst still, Win32/Zum!Trojan makes copies of itself then spreads them to other file systems. And if you spend most time online, then the malware downloads spyware and viruses from a remote server. It's a nightmare just thinking of the damage it will cause.

The leading expert from Semalt, Julia Vashneva, has tailored the valuable guide on how to get rid of the virus effectively.

How do you get infected?

You can get Win32/Zum/Trojan through:

  • spam emails
  • files shared over a p2p network, torrents
  • infected flash drives
  • clicking on suspicious pop-ups, links, and some ads

Once the trojan has infected your PC, the machine starts lagging, some programs fail to execute giving errors, the web browser keeps crashing and your private data can be stolen then get used to defraud you of your money. Case in point, credit card information can be used to milk you dry. So, how do you remove the Win32/Zum!Trojan? Read on to find out.

There are two tried and tested ways of removing the Win32/Zum!Trojan malware. You can either choose to go the manual or software-based way. The later gets rid of the menace with a zero recurrence rate. In fact, it's what experts would recommend keeping in mind the time you'd take to manually remove the malware.

Going the manual way

Step 1: Start or boot your PC INA safe mode with networking

  • go to the start menu
  • click restart
  • when the system is booting press the "F8" key (button)
  • an advanced boot menu appears
  • select "safe mode with networking" then press the enter button

Step 2: Kill the malware using task manager

  • press the 'Alt', 'Ctrl' and 'Del' buttons simultaneously
  • the task manager window pops up on the screen
  • on the process tab, identify and kill off the process. Just right click on it and select 'End Task'.

Step 3: Remove the Win32/Zum!Trojan from your control panel

Step 4: Remove the Win32/Zum!Trojan browser extensions in Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera or whichever browser you use

Step 5: Remove all Win32/Zum!Trojan files from the registry

  • press the windows (W) and R buttons simultaneously
  • a run box appears. Type 'regedit' then OK
  • find and erase all malicious files

The menace is done away with. Enjoy the peace of mind.

Removing Win32/Zum!Trojan using software

Using a powerful anti malware software is the easiest and most effective way of getting rid of Win32/Zum!Trojan. The software undertakes a quick and comprehensive scan of all files including keyloggers and rootkit. It removes malware while offering real-time protection from other threats. SpyHunter is an excellent anti-malware program, and it works on all Windows versions. Give it a try and protect you from the nightmare of a Trojan attack.